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    I like telling people about my husband. How he makes me laugh. How he annoys and amuses me. How bad he is in singing the correct lyrics of a song. And how fun it is to be married to the man of my prayers. We're just starting out and everyday is a discovery of new things about the life we share together. This blog will be mostly about that, with a hearty serving of other things I love and I'm passionate about. 


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    Meet The Author

    I'm Ria, a newbie wife and a mommy wannabe. I'm a cheerleader to my husband, and a shutterbug musician who just discovered her love for the ukulele. I kill zombies when I'm not busy being a teacher and a grad student. I chase my dreams by taking naps in the afternoon, then waking up to find my passion so I can turn it into an obsession. I like hazelnut and mint in my chocolate.


    This is a personal blog. I won't be giving expert opinion re: any person, group, product, event, movie, food (or whatever falls in the category of a noun). In fact, my opinions here are my own and represent no one else. Unless otherwise stated. I'll try to use my own photos for my posts, and unless it bears my watermark, it's not mine. Everything you read and see here is for informational purposes only. Expect a heavy dose of cheesiness, drama, and Jesus stuff.