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    My baking spree

    It started with the butter cookies.

    Last month I was on a search for the perfect recipe for Danish butter cookies. I found a couple on the internet which I decided to try. Thank God people still ate it despite its imperfections. Jay's tita loved the ones I baked on my second try. I actually loved them too. The taste was there, but I just couldn't get the right texture of the cookie.

    Then a couple of nights ago, I stumbled upon this blog and found the most amazing recipes for cookies! They were so amazing I just had to try them out. Before that, my good friend Ate Andrea shared with me a chocolate cake recipe as well. That's just perfect because I have to bring something today to my folks' house when we visit them.

    So I bookmarked three recipes in my head: The Ritz Carlton Chocolate Chip cookies , Brookie Cookies, and Ate Andrea's chocolate cake.

    I shopped for the ingredients and ended up with 5 blocks of butter! You see, the Ritz Carlton calls for 5 sticks of butter... so there. It's not even Christmas yet but I'm already adding on some pounds. Gotta make up for the 2 kilos I lost recently.

    If you're into baking, you gotta try this Ritz Carlton recipe. I mean. YOU. HAVE. TO. RIGHT. NOW. It's very easy to make and it's out of this world delicious. And it's the first cookie I managed to make perfectly. I can't wait to feed 'em to my family.

    The Brookie Dough

    Someone stayed too long under the sun!

    Some milk with these?

    Oh, yeah! Stack 'em babies up. 

    Waiting... waiting... 

    First cookie jar! 
    It just takes time baking these bad boys. Longer than what's indicated in the recipe. And I could only bake six at a time because of the size of the oven. But it's totally worth it... especially when the husband offered to buy me my own oven this Christmas. Yey! He's such a darling. <3

    My first chocolate cake wasn't that much of a success, though. I had a problem with my springform pan when I found out that the batter was leaking out on the sides. I was able to solve it and managed to bake the cake but I pretty much ruined it when I put on the frosting. Bad idea. I should've left it alone because the cake is already moist on its own. Well, there's always a next time.

    At least, I'm happy to report that the kitchen was good to me this time. We've become friends today.


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