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    Handing Over the Pen

    Here's the summarized version of the "love story" I wrote for Jay. This was first posted three years ago in our wedding blog. The full original version was damaged during Ondoy, so I had to re-write it by hand. 

    One of our first photos together. We both still have long hair. 

    I would describe how we met as a double-take. I've known Jay for almost 10 years now, but it was only early last year that I got to really know him well. Things were a bit complicated at first but we both believe that it's God who brought us together and planned this whole thing out.

    Jay's cousin is my friend in high school. He's also a band mate of my younger brother and he's close to my older brother. So we're pretty much like family, though we don't really talk when we see each other. We'd just say "hello"  then go about our business. He's older than me by two years so I thought that we're not in the same wave length. In short. I just didn't notice him... and vice-versa.

    But things took a different turn last year (2009) when we started attending the same church. It's like I began to see him with different eyes. But we were still not in talking terms. Our conversations were limited to church stuff which didn't even exceed 3 sentences.

    Still I began to feel attracted to him. But because we don't talk (I get tongue-tied when talking to someone I like), I thought to myself that the feeling wasn't mutual. It went on for almost 4 months. I was lovestruck! But being a girl, I just had to wait for him to do something. And boy, did I wait. I was about to give up because I thought that he liked someone else. So I prayed to God about it and just left everything in his hands. I remember the prayer I had about two years ago (2008). I asked God if I can meet my future husband by the end of summer... before my birthday (August).

    And as I held on to God... He came just in time.

    So it happened that by June, our communication lines "miraculously" opened. Well we started talking because we were assigned to work together in church. From "Hi and bye!" to text messages sent almost everyday. But I didn't buy it just yet. After all, we're really supposed to talk more now, remember? Though my heart was beating triple speed and my smile was sort of pasted on my face already, I was still a bit skeptical. I didn't want to be disappointed. I couldn't help feeling that way because I wasn't used to us talking to each other.

    Then came June 14, 2009, on a rainy Sunday afternoon, while sitting on their porch. He said the 5 words I've been waiting to hear from him.

    "I've been praying for you."

    At that moment, I knew in my heart that it's my prayer God has already answered...

    a love story which God lovingly wrote for Jay and me.


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