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    Kitchen romance

    Life with Jay involves a lot of eating. But I'm not in good terms with the kitchen. It's like we have a love-hate relationship. If I were to put MY relationship status with the kitchen on my facebook, it would read: IT'S COMPLICATED

    Here's why:

    1. Though my mama encouraged me to learn how to cook, she doesn't want a messy kitchen so she always ended up finishing whatever I start cooking up
    2. I was dead scared of turning the stove on. As in DEAD. SCARED. I always imagined the fire blowing up in my face every time I tried turning that knob on the stove. 
    3. I don't like the heat in the kitchen. When Jay and I finally get to have our own place, I will definitely put an AC in the kitchen! 
    4. I just don't trust my tastebuds. Sometimes I think there's too much salt in my food, and sometimes I think it's bland when others (99%) say it's okay. 

    So I never really cook. And when I have to,  I just stick to ready to cook stuff. Yes I'm talking about fried eggs, hotdogs, spam, sausages and the like.

    I used to cook up more complicated dishes when I was in high school. Mama would ask me to cook dinner. But she had to give the instructions in full detail, otherwise it would end up in a disaster.

    Now that I'm married (Jay and I live with the in-laws), I feel bad and guilty that I don't get to prepare awesomely delicious and nutritious food for the husband. I really want to but I'm scared that I'll just waste the ingredients if I don't cook the food right. That actually already happened a couple of times. :(

    I tried cooking binagoongan (pork with shrimp paste) for the husband a couple of weeks ago but it was a borderline failure. It was edible but he wasn't jumping for joy nor did his eyes light up when he tasted the dish. He still ate it though, but it spent more time in the fridge as a left over.

    My First Binagoongan

    I got the recipe from my former office mate who makes the best tasting binagoongan. She even gave me some tips but I still didn't nail it. I used the wrong shrimp paste and I got the wrong cut for the pork. To be fair to my culinary skills, I just used what was in the fridge, and at that time the only pork we had was for menudo (in hindsight, I should've just cooked that instead).

    Anyway, lately I've also been obsessed with baking butter cookies. I just had to stop because butter is expensive and I'm trying to shed off some pounds. Not sure if it's possible. But I just looooove butter cookies. The ones that come in those blue tin cans are just delicious. I used to eat them as a kid so aside from the yummy taste, it also brings back childhood memories.

    So in making the butter cookies I had to look for the perfect recipe. I did some research and a lot of trial and error. I even broke the door of the small oven we have at home. I managed to put it back though, but not after I prayed earnestly to God for Him to help me fix it. And I must say that the ones I made weren't that bad. The first time I baked them Jay even brought some to his office and his office mates loved 'em that we even thought of selling them or giving them away for Christmas. That's when I had the brilliant idea of enrolling in some baking classes.

    But goodness they're quite expensive, and it's not really an immediate need, so I have to put that plan in the back burner. I guess I have to be content with scouring some recipes in the internet and watching cooking shows on the telly.

    Oh yes... cooking shows. It's my latest fascination/ addiction. My afternoon isn't complete without seeing Giada Laurentis, Ina Garten, Bobby Flay, Aarti Sequeira, the Neely's, etc. It's like a cooking show marathon in the afternoon for me, jay's mom and his tita. I really enjoy it because it also ends up as our time to bond with each other.

    I just wish I could cook more, though. I can but I don't (except when I have to cook Jay his breakfast). There are tons of dishes I want to try out. And I dream of surprising Jay with a three-course meal al fresco candlelit dinner. But right now I have to learn how to fry tilapia perfectly first.

    Someday soon. I hope. Someday soon. 


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